Neo Combination Coord
Attribute Cool
Rarity Premium Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Vivid Inspiration
Known Users Mio Minato

  Neo Combination Coord (ネオコンビネーションコーデ) is a premium rare coord by the cool brand MATERIAL COLOR. It will debut in the Part 1 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! series and debuted in Episode 3 in the anime.


Neo Combination Tops

The bodice is made of many different pieces of triangular fabric arranged in a geometrical pattern.It has black accenting in some places. The right sleeve starts off with a turquoise puff of leopard-fabric, followed by a flowing piece of silky, purple fabric that has a black border to it. It then continues with a black and white wrist-length sleeve that is stuck to the skin.The left sleeve is the same flowing silky purple material cut into a short sleeve, followed by turquoise and navy-blue bands around the arm. The top has a navy-blue choker with a jewel of a lighter shade of blue. The top is accompanied with a pair of gloves, the one worn on the right being a semi-cut glove covering just the palm of the hand, and the one worn on the left is white on the palm and has an attachment of a blue and purple fabric at the wrist.

Neo Combination Skirt

Neo Combination Boots

Neo Combination Hat

A mini hat with neon triangles on the top. Under that, there are a pink and a white stripe. On the stripe, a blue jewel is attached with some turquoise leopard fabric and a shiny black stripe. The hat ends with a purple color.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
F1-32-pr 00
Neo Combination Top
F1-33-pr 00
Neo Combination Skirt
F1-34-pr 00
Neo Combination Boots


F1-35-pr 00
Neo Combination Hat