Melody On Pink Coord
Melody On Pink Coord
Brand Sugar Melody
Attribute cute
Rarity rare
Data Carddass Game Promotional Collection
Known Users Aine Yūki

  Melody On Pink Coord is a cute-type rare coord that will make its debut in Part 1 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!. It is made by the brand Sugar Melody.


Melody on Pink Cardigan

A white pink top with a pink designed cardigan on it.A cute red bow sewed on the top of white top increasing the attraction of top.As goes for the red cardigan the design is on the torso and on inches from the sleeves cuff.The necklace contain pale pink flowers.

Melody on Pink Skirt

A pale pink skirt covered with pale coloured flowers .The bottom is attached with semi palest pale pink silk.A dark brown belt is included in the bottom with a golden heart on it. A golden chain attached with it.Red,pink and golden charms are attached on it.

Melody on Pink Pumps

A pair of pink pumps with a heel.Three tiny daises are sewn on the top of foot.Red coloured ribbon is wrapped over the foot.On the top of white socks is a pink cuff held by a small ribbon

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Fa-4p 00
Melody On Pink Cardigan
Fa-5p 00
Melody On Pink Skirt
Fa-6p 00
Melody On Pink Pumps