Little Charmant Coord
Little Charmant Coord
Brand Sugar Melody
Attribute Cute
Rarity Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Brand I Yearn For
Known Users Aine Yūki

  Little Charmant Coord is a cute-type Rare coord from the brand Sugar Melody. It will make its debut in Part 1 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!.


Little Charmant Tops

The upper half of the top has a pink base and has a set of diagonal stripes in a slightly darker shade of pink. The stripes have a row of white musical notes (namely quaver notes). The center portion of the upper half of the blouse is a bib-like section which has a laced border and is of an off-white cream color. This portion has three pink bows arranged vertically, with the uppermost one being in the collar and larger than the latter and having a disc-shaped center with another quaver note in the center.The collar is a flap-type collar made of a cream colored material having a brown line just before the border.The bottom half of bodice is wrapped with a thick brown fabric and a pink belt at the base of it. The pink belt has frills oriented downwards and the brown fabric has a section in middle covered in fabric with lacy ends and has golden buttons through the front. The sleeves of the top are a puffed, silky cream colored material with a golden pearl chain at the ruffled ends.The user gains pink cuffs with a small magenta ribbon in the middle. The user aquires painted nails with the tops.

Little Charmant Skirt

The skirt is layered into two. The base is a striped fabric with alternating shades of off-white and pale cream. A layer of pink fabric covered with a gold pearl border at the top,diagonal stripes of a darker pink, mini white hearts, golden buttons and a gold pearl border ending in pink-white lace with white bows alternatively placed on the chain is draped over a third of the skirt. Nearing the base is an off-white colored belt with a gold pearl chain running through the middle with alternating bows of pink with a disc-shaped accessory with a quaver in the center and a magenta bow of the same fashion. The border of the skirt is a thin golden lace.

Little Charmant Shoes

The socks have two layers of ruffled material from the tops and skirt that are joint a pink belt and a golden pearl chain accompanied by the disc-shaped accessory with the quaver note in the center. The shoes are pink with the same dark pink diagonals from the skirt and has a band of pink with a mini magenta ribbon in the center of it.

Little Charmant Accessory

The accessory is a cream-colored heart with a golden pearl ribbon and a thin golden lace at the border. On this heart there is a pink bow with the disc-shaped accessory with a quaver note in its center

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
F1-25-r 00 Little Charmant Tops F1-26-r 00 Little Charmant Skirt F1-27-r 00 Little Charmant Shoes


F1-28-r 00
Little Charmant Headband