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Girls be ambitious!
Song Details
Song Name Girls Be Ambitious!
Type Sexy
Singer Maika from BEST FRIENDS!
First Appearance
Game Part 1
Anime Pretty ☆ Sexy ★ Honey Cat!
Publisher Lantis

Girls be Ambitious! is a sexy type song sung by Maika Chōno in the series Aikatsu Friends!. It wil make its debut in Part 1 of Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!.


Short Version

oh oh oh ...
Otonappoi tte yoku iwareru kedo
Mada kodomo chotto tokushita kibun

Mujaki datte chittomo okashikunai shi
Senobi shitatte pittari to hamaru no

Sā kokoro ni shitagatte yukō
Kakitasu music(myuujikku)

Daiji na no wa challenge(charenji) seishin
Switch(Suitchi) ireru one scene(wanshiin)

Years & Years(Zutto) konna tōshindai
Suki na fuku de hokorashiku odorō
Hitamuki ni tsutaeyō

Atsuku atsuku floor(furoa) narashite lace(rēsu) yurashite

Mainichi(Years&Years) ga Brand-New-World sō It's a showtime!
Tama ni wa amaeru sonna no mo in janai?

Butai de wa nandatte dekiru
Sakebu yō na shunkan wo matte iru

Tip-tap tip-tap to jōnetsu kanjite
Rhythm(Rizumu) ni wa ondo ga aru

Tip-tap tip-tap to tension(tenshon) agete
Tap(Tappu) ni wa kodō ga aru
oh oh oh...

oh oh oh ...


さあ (こころ)(したが)ってゆこう


Years & Years(ずっと)こんな等身大(とうしんだい)

(あつ)(あつ)く フロア()らして レース()らして

毎日(まいにち)がBrand-New-World そう It's a showtime!
たまには(あま)える そんなのもいんじゃない?


チクタク チクタクと情熱(じょうねつ)(かん)じて

チクタク チクタクとテンション()げて
oh oh oh ...

People say that I seem to be adult, yet
I'm still a child; that seems to be my advantage.

My innocence doesn't seem suspicious at all;
When I put heels on, they fit just right.

Now, let's bring our hearts on
Adding this music in;

What you need is a challenger's soul;
That one scene where you press the switch.

Keeping this realism for years and years,
Let's dance proudly in clothes we enjoy.
Let's say it out earnestly.

Hotter, hotter, with the floor resounding, with the laces flowing...

Everyday, it's a brand new world: hey, it's showtime!
Sometimes we may fawn on, but ain't it actually fine?

Onstage, we can do anything;
We can wait for that moment to shout that feeling out.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, feel this passion,
The heat is in the rhythm.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, raise the tension,
The beat is in these taps.

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