Bunny Parade Coord
Bunny Parade Coord
Brand Milky Joker
Attribute Pop
Rarity Premium Rare
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Ongoing Road towards Mirai★
Known Users Mirai Asuka

  Bunny Parade Coord is a Premium Rare Coord by the brand Milky Joker. It will make its debut in Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! Part 1


Bunny Parade Tops

The top consists of two pieces. A short in length and in sleeves jacket piece and a tube top. The jacket is covered in pastel coloured polka dots with bright yellow frills at the end of it's puffy short sleeves. The chest area of the tube top is a pale purple with a two toned blue stripes, a line of sewn on buttons in the middle and small trimmings on the top and bottom of it. While the torso area of the tube top has pastel blue and pastel yellow diamonds as it's center patterns, with a magenta like corset with gold linings on it’s sides with a couple of red ribbons attached to them. At the bottom of it all has two toned blue flower petal like frills all around it.

Accompanying the tops are different sized pair of gloves and a collar piece. The two toned collar piece has a big red bow tied to it's center, covered in pastel pink polka dots and baby blue flower with a yellow center on it. Both of the gloves are white with bright yellow frills around the wrists. The longer glove has a blue arm covers the arm up to above the elbow, covered in multi coloured flowers with a purple and yellow striped vine. The shorter glove has a pink and purple striped wrist cuff like with a paler pink ribbon attached to it, with a pale trim at the end of it.

Bunny Parade Bottoms

The bottom consists of two pieces. A skirt and a pair pumpkin like shorts. The skirt has red lining around the waist, the skirt itself has pastel coloured stripes which are blue, pink, purple and a hint of white. With a bunch of colourful flowers and a couple of Easter eggs on top and a row of rainbow coloured circular beads on the bottom of the flowers. Then underneath it all are matching frills with the top.

The shorts are quite puffy and baby pink in colour while being covered in white polka dots all around it, with trims at the end of each leg.

Bunny Parade Shoes

The shoes are high heeled primarily in pink with blue tips on the toe areas and the edge of the heels. Around the ankles are a loose cuffs that are in white colour with blue and green polka dots around it, while a red bow with pastel pink polka dots on it's center.

The leggings are different colours on each leg. One in baby blue and one in baby pink. On their sides have light purple and white diamonds all across. On the top of said leggings has a red ribbon attached to matching bright yellow frills and inside them are simple purple harnesses.

Bunny Parade Head-Dress

The head piece is a blue and pastel purple bonnet with pastel bunny ears on top. On its sides are bright purple bows with a blue flower on the center of it. The bunny ears has pastel blue diamonds across it with white trimmings all around it.

The earrings are two different coloured Easter eggs, one in white with blue dots and the other one in green with light yellow dots. With a blue bow on top of both pieces.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
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