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Aikatsu Friends! is the anime adaptation of the arcade game Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! by BN Pictures. The first season starts airing on April 5, 2018 on TV Tokyo, replacing Aikatsu Stars in its timeslot.


Aine Yūki is a second year student in the normal division of Star Harmony Academy. She is undergoing a normal life until a chance encounter with a popular idol Mio Minato in Penguin Cafe! Now Aine is about to embark on a journey as an idol who does Aikatsu everyday!

"But I didn't think Aikatsu would be this hard!"

Aine and Mio click it off immediately, and the two pair up to form a "Friends!" unit. Together they aim for the top, to become Diamond Friends! just like the top idol unit Love MeTear, made of spectacular idols Karen Kamishiro and Mirai Asuka.

Along with their aspiring upperclassmen, the sporty big-sis Ema Hinata and the sexy, mysterious Maika Chōno, Aine and Mio have started their Aikatsu!

So many Aikatsu cards! So many new songs! Aikatsu really is exciting!
So many friends! So many dreams! Aikatsu, is about to start!

Main Characters

Bt-aine       Bt-mio   Bt-maika      Bt-ema

Bt-karen        Bt-mirai